Margaret Lukasko

(Sept 07, 1916 - Sept 12, 1989, 73)

Parents: Joseph John Tarkanich (Mar 09, 1888 - Sept ??, 1977, 89) -- Mary Pollock (?? - ??, ??)
Spouse: Carl George Lukasko (Mar 05, 1910 - May ??, 1962, 52)

After something like fourteen years in post-secondary education, I can say without a doubt that this woman was the smartest person I have ever known.   The next dozen were blood relatives of hers, mostly female.   Margaret was fluent in six (?), eight (?) languages and could get by in a dozen others.   Havivg only an eighth grade education, she ws fascinated by puzzles.   She could work in her head time/distance problems that I later learned require calculus to solve -- and not single variable stuff.   She had a beautiful singing voice and a flair for painting: usually irises in various settings.

She and my father would speak German around the house so that the kids wouldn't understand them.   I learned German as an adult and would play back some of the conversations that I could remember.   Most all of them contained her corrections to my father's grammar -- he lacked her flair.   She seemed to think it was funny.