Some conventions:

Women take the last names of their husbands unless otherwise noted.   Children have the same last names as their fathers.   Material excised at the insistance of an early contributer:


Children are presumed to be the biological issue of their listed parents. For the sake of decorum some irregularities are ignored as these have no bearing on the transmission of the main family name(s) to subsequent generations. Since a genealogy is -- in essence -- a pedigree only the blood descendents of the "patriarchs" will be listed on their pages; step-children will be listed on the pages dedicated to their adoptive parents. Similarly, the main pages shall list only the current or most recent spouses of the Lukasko descendents; previous marriages will be on the individual's page.

Persons are presumed to be of the gender traditional for their given names; where there is ambiguity gender is noted if not descernible from context.   Lack of a deathdate indicates our belief that that that person is still living.   Question marks indicate information that we are seeking.   Corrections and clarifications are eagerly sought and accepted with gratitude; be prepared to provide proof.

Current format has those "of the blood" on the left and their spouses on the right.   Each name is followed by date of birth and if applicable date of death and age at death.   Marriage dates (and locarions) are provided where known.   Dates are given US-style.   If you are on these pages and do NOT want to be, let us know ASAP.   As this site progresses we'd like to provide such information as state (or nation) of residence, level and place of education, and profession(s).   And as many picures as possible.

As of this writing (March 2014), we know of lines of (possibly unrelated) Lukaskos in: East Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Carolinas, the Gulf States, Canada, Southern California, Central California, (at least three branches in) Northern California, Nevada, and New York.

Help in sourcing information is eagerly sought.

Our Story So Far:

Three Men Named John, Two of Which Married Women Named Ilona --