Ohio/California Lukaskos

Johannes (John? Johan?) Samuel Lukasko (Lukaesko?, Lukäsko?, Lukaskowicz?) Born Janos Lukaesko (?), (1873?).   Arrived Cumberland, Maryland ~1900 to 1905 with spouse neé Helena (Ilka? Ilona? Helen?) Himmel (Hamel? Hennel?) and two sons.   Worked as glassblower, crewman on ship, and farmer.   Died Brookfield, Ohio (1958?).   At least one brother.   Fourteen children, ten surviving to adulthood.   Born to Lutheran parents, Janos converted to Roman Catholicism; most of his descendents retained this faith, and most are named for Roman Catholic saints and the Apostles.

To our regret, much less is known of Helena.   Family legend has her born of noble blood and serving part of her youth as a lady-in-waiting to the Austro-Hungarian royal court.

During the Depression John, Paul, and Arnold (Mary, too?) left Ohio and made their way to California.   We don't yet have the details on whether they made their trip together or what exact year(s).   Subsequent generations have streamed West through the years since.   There are at least three lines of Lukaskos (and at least one Lukaesko) in California -- possibly unrelated.